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August 11, 2007
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Pixel ID by Messymaru Pixel ID by Messymaru
that's my char, in mecha. i figured the best way to represent me is in a form i truly enjoy drawing (and thinking about). having loved the idea of robotics and super cool robots (i sound like a kid i know >.>;), decided to make my DA ID as a mech (it was originally supposed to be a megaman-ish character but meh)

Well after working on this for a couple of days (yes days XD), i finally finished it and i'm happy ^^

actual pixel sprite: 2 days (with breaks and sleep)
pixel frame: 30 minutes
bg: less than the time it took to make the frame
portrait: LONG! i did a rough sketch with a ballpen in some restaurant then scanned it but i ended up retracing the whole thing in photoshop again >.> then added details shading etc.. rawr >.>

just a few notes:
special thanks to :iconz3r0t0lerance: for first giving me the idea of actually doing this :P

i havnt done pixel art in such a long time and this was a rather refreshing piece ^^ im so used to doing isometric pixel art and this particular piece didnt really follow that strict pixel art style so it wasnt so hard (well, it was but.. not as hard as doing something in isometric >.< )

pixelized robot was first sketched, then scanned, then i followed derek yu's pixel tutorial and ta-da ^^

oh, and yeah i simply followed the guidelines given by :iconscrotumnose: in his journal ^^

<3 to all the other people making pixel ids out there

[edit] noticed how so many people have :+fav:ed this so i'd just like to say, thank you very much :)
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wulongti Apr 11, 2012  Hobbyist Digital Artist
very cool, I dig it. I love the color scheme ^_^
I wanna see THAT in the next Super Robot Wars game.
Hi!, I have a chiptune music project and we just finished our next album, we want to create a story for it, and we want to use some pixel ids as characters, of course we want yours, so we want to ask you if we can use it :) you can listen to our music in [link]
Flippin' fabulous! 8D Amazing~
looks like zech's tallgeese from gundam wing.. = )
nice pixel art anyway =D
looks like zech's tallgeese from gundam wing = )

this is too awesome
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wait a moment... you've done ALL THIS? O__O without editing anything? I'm really envious XD

Favourite game: Z.O.E. // FF Tactics // FFXI // Vagrant Story // Front Mission // Armored Core

you haven't play at xenogears and xenosaga, that's bad! XD
If you like gears, mechas, you have to!
Messymaru Mar 30, 2010  Professional Interface Designer
lol :P

well i watched my bro play the xenogears saga but its really not my thing :P i did enjoy the mech fights for xenogears :P its just imbalanced tho lol
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